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ETA 1•1

We are a research-based consultancy
designed to help Districts plan, implement
and launch 1:1 technology programs.


Establishing clear, measurable goals
and objectives is the first step to any
1:1 technology program.


Infrastructure professional development and project management.


Integration services, device management and insurance.

Considering a 1:1 Technology program?

We can help.

1:1 Technology programs, being undertaken by school districts across the country, are putting a computing device in the hands of every student and teacher. Successful 1:1 technology programs have been shown to increase student engagement, motivation and achievement.

Using a potent mix of research, hands-on experience and skillful programming, ETA1•1 is a cloud-based project management application that focuses attention on the everyday tasks associated with implementing a successful 1:1 technology program.

ETA 1:1


Every project has to start somewhere. The ETA 1•1 program answers this very basic question by walking you through the process from start to finish.

ETA 1:1


Through dogged research we have compiled the most common elements associated with successful 1:1 technology programs into a single cohesive project management application.

ETA 1:1


In addition to the project management application, the ETA 1•1 program offers tech integration services, device management, and insurance.


Editable Task List pre-populated with day-to-day tasks associated with proven success factors

Assign project tasks to 1:1 team members

Notification of upcoming task deadlines

Administrative Dashboard showing project progress

Project Goals and Objectives Wizard

Project Budget Tool

Sample policy documentation